KNEEFIT: ACL Injury Prevention Program

Knee injuries are extremely common in sports. Damage to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is serious – and may end a career. Fortunately, there are steps athletes (and their coaches) can take to reduce the risk.

  • Females are up to 9 times more likely to tear their ACL than males involved in the same sport.
  • ACL injuries account for more than 30% of all sports related surgeries.
  • Over 70% of ACL injuries are non-contact with another player due to simple actions such as landing improperly from a jump or planting a foot to stop or change direction incorrectly.
  • ACL injury prevention programs have been shown to decrease ACL injury rates up to 90%.

Our KNEEFIT exercises help athletes by training the neuromuscular system to reduce stress on the ACL and avoid susceptible positions.

Team Kneefit

Team KNEEFIT is an 18 minute, 4 part exercise program designed to build the strength and body awareness necessary to safe guard the ACL. Coaches of all levels can easily incorporate KNEEFIT into regular training sessions but learning proper technique is the key. In our team training session, you will learn technique needed to teach the corrective exercises.

Team Set Up:  30-minute lecture presentation followed by a 6o minute demonstration and instruction of the KNEEFIT exercise program.  Learn what is an ACL injury and how to identify high-risk players.  All team members will be video analyzed to identify those at risk.  Coaches and trainers receive the KNEEFIT exercise booklet and coaching cards.

1 Team of 16-20 players plus coaches  Cost: $299 

Team Follow Up:  Our KNEEFIT instructors will revisit your team to check at-risk players and progress the KNEEFIT exercises to the next level.  Follow-ups are recommended at 6 weeks after the initial team set up.

To Book a Team KNEEFIT, call us at 780 464-5915 or email:

Individual Kneefit


Is your child at risk of an ACL injury?  We teach a 3-6 week KNEEFIT program to athletes of all ages and abilities. Learn the exercises and train with us. You will be protecting your knees and helping prevent injury. Your first appointment includes:

  • Initial Consult with our physical therapist or athletic trainer / kinesiologist
  • Video analysis of your knee position during functional movements
  • One on one instruction and coaching of the KNEEFIT program

Initial Assessment: $110

We recommend 6 weeks of Follow-up Training:  $70/session or purchase 6 session pkg for $390. 

Small group training is available:  2-4 athletes  $120/session – cost shared by athletes.

More than 5 athletes?  See our Team Training option.

Contact us at 780 464-5915 to book your KNEEFIT appointment.  KNEEFIT training is covered as “Physiotherapy” by many private insurance benefit programs.

Kneefit for Coaches

Are you a coach interested in learning KNEEFIT?  or have a group of coaches interested? Our KNEEFIT instructors will run a 90-minute coaches clinic providing in-depth instruction of the program with a tutorial for coaches to learn, trial and ask questions. Min group: 15 participants   Cost: $40/person for Edmonton and area clinics.

Don’t have a group of 15? We receive inquiries daily and a clinic may be organized that has space for you to join.