With Dr. Jim Adams, MD

The key to full and fast recovery from an athletic injury is a rapid and accurate diagnosis of the nature and extent of the damage together with a plan for dealing with it. It’s critical to determine and start the proper rehabilitation program as quickly as possible. That’s why at Sherwood Park Sports Physiotherapy, we have a Sports Medicine specialist who will assess your injury and then work with our team to develop and deploy a program that will work best for you.

Get yourself back in the game.

Dr. Adams has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sports injury evaluation and treatment. He was the head athletic therapist for Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington for six years taking care of 350 athletes each year in ten different sports. As head athletic therapist for the Edmonton Eskimo Football Club for five years, he was key to the team’s performance during the Grey Cup dynasty years. Dr. Adams remains highly active in many local school and community sports groups including boxing, wrestling and football..

The Sports Injury Clinic is located at Sherwood Parks Sports Physiotherapy in Millennium Place so that the team approach can be utilized. The team includes Dr. Jim Adams, physiotherapists, massage therapists and exercise trainers.

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