The short answer is, likely yes! We direct bill to nearly all of the major insurance providers, including Alberta Blue Cross, SunLife, Great West Life, Manulife, and many others. The best way to know is to give us a quick call or email. Direct billing is also subject to your specific plan, so double-check with your provider if they accept direct billing!

We can also always provide an electronic invoice for billing purposes.

Category: Funding

Yes! Our therapists and front office have extensive experience dealing with MVA claims.

Category: Funding

Yes! All of our clinical locations accept WCB cases if your employer offers that coverage and you were injured as the result of your job.

Category: Funding

Sherwood Park: Our two Sherwood Park locations receive limited monthly funding from the provincial government. This amount is not enough to treat the high number of patients that are looking to access it, which requires us to set up a waitlist to budget it accordingly. The typical wait time to access is 6 weeks.

For surgeries and fractures, AHS will cover a certain amount of treatments depending on the injury or procedure. The best way to know is to call our team and enquire about your situation.

South Edmonton: This new location was not given any funding from Alberta Health Services and accordingly, has no public funding for any treatments, including post surgical or fractures.

Category: Funding

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