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The FITLIGHT Trainer™ is a wireless light system comprised of 8 RGB LED powered lights. The lights are used as targets and can be adapted and configured for all sports and training programs.

Adding a whole new dimension to training, the FITLIGHT measures your reaction time, speed, agility, and coordination. FITLIGHT training is a new tool that now allows us to prepare athletes for the unexpected nature that comes along with a return to practice and games. Athletes at the highest level, including NBA MVP Steph Curry and the Toronto Raptors, have started using FITLIGHT training and now you can too! Check out this video of the Toronto Raptors using FITLIGHT training in action.



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The Bridge is the first clinic in Western Canada to use Simi Motion Twin, an elite movement testing system from Germany.

We test six sport specific movements that replicate common body positions in your sport, capturing 2 freeze frame photos from the front and side at just the moment your body is at risk of stress or injury.

Knowing where your body faulters and why gives us key information to teach and train you to move better. There are many training programs available to improve performance. Starting with a movement screen is the smarter way to train and target the areas that are setting you up for injury or holding you back from improved performance.

For more information regarding the Simi Video Movement Analysis visit the website: http://www.simi.com/en/

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The Bridge is proud to introduce the first LightSpeed assisted run apparatus in Canada. This new technology removes up to 35lbs of weight from each stride and is specifically designed for runners by physiotherapists who are runners.

Using bungie cords and specially designed running shorts verse air pressure as in other products, the LightSpeed is able to offload runners with un-encumbering techniques. This makes it an idea, low-cost training aid for recovering from injury, increasing running volume or decreasing the impact of speed training on the body.

For more information regarding this new technology visit the LightSpeed Running & Rehab website:


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Game Ready® uniquely integrates proven cold and compression therapies in a dual-action treatment system that sets a new standard of care in injury and post-op recovery.

Featuring innovative ACCEL® technology, Game Ready simultaneously circulates ice water and delivers intermittent pneumatic compression through anatomically specific wraps. Giving patients the upper hand against swelling and pain, Game Ready effectively enhances the body’s natural repair mechanisms and speeds healing.

For more information regarding this modality visit the Game Ready website:


Game Ready

Compression Boots

RecoveryPump’s sequential compression expedites recovery. RecoveryPump delivers an aggressive but very natural alternative to passive recovery for athletes. The system simulates localized “active recovery” (such as walking) in a passive manner because the therapy is conducted at rest.

  • This therapy increases venous return, rapidly accelerating the body´s re-absorption of the elements causing soreness and fatigue in the muscle.
  • It effectively removes metabolic waste faster than any traditional mode of recovery or rest alone

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  • 15 min = $10.00
  • 30 min =$20.00

For more information regarding this modality visit the Recovery Pump website:


Compression Boots



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