End Stage Rehab Training


Retraining an athlete’s speed, agility, and quickness after surgery or injury is crucial for their physical recovery, psychological confidence, and overall performance in their sport. It’s a comprehensive process with consideration to biomechanics, neuromuscular coordination, strength, and psychological factors, all of which contribute to a successful return to competition. This course includes: system of teaching agility/movement, plyometrics and low/high load power.
Date: June 9, 2023
Time: 8 AM – 4 PM
Location: The Bridge – South Edmonton
Cost: $500 + GST

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Key Course Takeaways

Structured Progression: Learn our graduated skills approach allowing the athlete to rebuild their speed, agility, and quickness abilities in a controlled manner, minimizing the risk of setbacks.⁠

Regain Performance Levels: Have the knowledge to fully retrain athletes to the performance levels they had before injury, enabling them to compete at their best again.⁠

Psychological Confidence: Help your athletes rebuild their with confidence, utilizing our evidence based testing and return to sport criteria. ⁠

Data Interpretation: Learn how to transform numbers and testing metrics into actionable insights, guiding your rehabilitation strategies with precision and confidence.

Return-to-Sport: Learn how to apply an integrated approach that combines biomechanics, neuromuscular coordination, strength, and psychological strategies to not just return athletes to their sport, but to excel beyond their pre-injury levels.

With his background as a Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and Certified Speed/Agility Coach, Scott has experience working with a wide range of athletes, including young Olympians and professional hockey players, including serving as the 1st Team Physio for FC Edmonton.
He is passionate about preventing injuries, maximizing performance and elevating the bar for rehab and performance professionals.

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