Off-Season Strength Training for Runners (Online Program)


Whether you are getting into running, aiming to improve your injury resilience, or trying to become faster, the RUNFIT Offseason Strength 12-week strength and mobility training program is designed to prepare you for next season’s running goals.
By providing a consistent, progressive plan, you will work to increase your confidence with strength training, your overall strength, and your physical capacity for running.

Program Outline

Our RUNIT Online Programming is designed to bring you the very best evidence-based strength programming without the need to see us for in-person training. The program is designed to be completed at any gym facility, including free weights and squat racks.

The RUNFIT Off-Season Strength Training for Runners offers three days of workouts per week, with two strength days and one shorter mobility/upper body strength day. There is no prerequisite fitness level – alternatives or modifications for many exercises are also included if the programmed exercise is too difficult.

Day 1: Strength – 45-75 minutes
Day 2 (Optional): Mobility and Upper Body Strength – 30-60 minutes
Day 3: Strength – 45-75 minutes

With gradual progressions in both exercise difficulty and intensity, the program aims to increase your mobility, core control, single-leg stability, agility/power, and strength in a safe and effective manner.

Bridge Athletic App

You deserve better than a clunky spreadsheet. Our programs are delivered via Bridge Athletic, a free third-party app that allows us to provide exercise programs with videos and descriptions, ensuring exercises are performed with proper technique and adherence.

It also includes features to help you track your progress throughout the program and log factors impacting performance (sleep, nutrition, stress).

After competitively participating in hockey, I found my muse by running, rock/ice climbing, hiking, and ski touring in the mountains. Competing in trail ultramarathons at the 50 km, 50-mile, 100-mile distances keeps me outside and in the mountains as much as possible.
I believe that physical activity and movement are integral to maintaining balance in life and I strive to enable others to achieve their personal peak performance in sport, physical activity, and health.

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