Pilates & Strength Training: A Class for Dancers (Sherwood Park)


A six-week camp is for competitive dancers. It will include clinical pilates training once a week, and strength training once a week. The focus will be on building core strength, mobility, flexibility, and strengthening through range, all with an emphasis on dance-specific movement patterns. The dancers will learn about good movement quality, and how to move their bodies safely and efficiently.
Date: July 17-August 28, 2023
Time: Monday / Wednesdays 5:30 – 6:30 PM
Location: The Bridge in Millennium Place
Cost: $250 + GST

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“After dealing with numerous injuries as a dancer, I developed a strong appreciation for physiotherapy. As a dance instructor with an Advanced II RAD level, I bring a unique perspective to treating and preventing injuries in dancers.”
“My participation and interest in sports is what has driven me to a career that allows me to assist athletes in their strength and conditioning development as well as the general population in reaching their personal fitness goals. “

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