Redefining the Musculoskeletal Therapist Course


This combined theoretical and practical course for treatment providers, strength coaches and exercises specialists teaches you everything you need to take your clients from injury to optimal performance. We’ll provide a framework and system to utilize modern treatment principles with strength and conditioning to maximize patient outcomes.
The practical component of the course will focus on redefining how to analyze and describe human movement and help participants select, coach and progress/regress exercise at an advanced level to best utilize effective exercise in rehab & performance.
When: September 21-22, 2024
Where: The Bridge Sports Therapy & Training – South Edmonton (1979 – 111th Street NW)

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Topics to be Covered:

  • The Bridge 3 Pillar System > How we take clients from Rehab to Return to Sport
  • Pillar 1: “Injury Management” > Pain Science, Communication, Modern Manual Therapy
  • Pillar 2: “Exercise Therapy” > Analyzing Human Movement, Foundational Movement Patterns, The Movement & Load Assessment, Progressing/Regressing/Lateralizing Exercise Selection
  • Pillar 3: Performance Training > Advanced Applications of Foundational Movement Patterns, S&C Principles and Application
  • The Performance Timeline

Key takeaways:

  • A Systematic Framework for Progressing Clients Seamlessly From Rehab to Performance
  • Practical Movement and Load Assessment Skills to Identify Deficits and Guide Your Treatment Selections
  • How to Communicate and Integrate Modern Manual Therapy Concepts With Exercise Based Treatment
  • Practical Exercise Sessions Including Coaching & Delivering Effective Exercise Solutions
  • How to Integrate S&C Concepts Throughout the Rehab to Performance Timeline
  • How to Make the Return to Play Decision With Athletes
  • How to Integrate S&C Concepts Throughout the Rehab to Performance Timeline
With his background as a Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and Certified Speed/Agility Coach, Scott has experience working with a wide range of athletes, including young Olympians and professional hockey players, including serving as the 1st Team Physio for FC Edmonton.
He is passionate about preventing injuries, maximizing performance and elevating the bar for rehab and performance professionals.
Darren is a fountain of knowledge with a passion for utilizing physiotherapy knowledge and techniques to optimize and bridge the gap from rehab to performance.
In his own treatment, he likes to integrate strength and conditioning concepts within the realm of physiotherapy.

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