The RUNFIT Program Series: “Base Builder” Couch to 5km


The “Base Builder” Couch to 5km is a 6-week program designed by strength coach, athletic therapist and ultramarathon runner James Greene, to safely take you from a beginner level of fitness to running a 5km.
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What's included:

  • A 6-week progressive run training schedule
  • Access to The Bridge Athletic app, with a guided progressive home exercise program which involves dynamic stretching, hip/core control exercises, running technique drills, and self-release techniques


More info:

In addition to the specific running program, RUNFIT also incorporates a progressive home exercise program. This blend of progressive running and cross-training will allow you to become more in tune with your body, ensure you safely and successfully build up load tolerance, and give you everything you need to crush your running goals.
Upon order, you will receive a PDF version of your program for download. You will be registered into the app by our team and a link will be sent for you to set up your account at our earliest convenience.

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