Posture, mobility, strength, balance, and coordination are key factors in golf performance. When any one of these is not optimum, performance declines and the potential for injury increases.  Fortunately, there are steps that golfers of all levels can take to improve their form and reduce the risk of injury.

Using techniques from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), our GOLFFIT program offers athletes one of the most comprehensive exercise and fitness programs available www.mytpi.com


Golfers of all levels can reduce their risk of injury by improving their mobility, strength and overall form.


GOLFFIT Training

GOLFFIT exercises stretch and strengthen areas of your body that have been preventing you from achieving your perfect golf swing.

  • “The GOLFFIT program started with a fairly technical assessment of my physical limitations related to the ideal golf swing. The assessment leads to an individual training program to address those limitations. For me at 68 there were lots, increase hip rotation, separate hip and shoulder turn, increase range of motion in the shoulders and on and on."

    Ken Wilson

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