Team Kneefit

Team KNEEFIT is an 18 minute, 4 part exercise program designed to build the strength and body awareness necessary to safe guard the ACL. Coaches of all levels can easily incorporate KNEEFIT into regular training sessions but learning proper technique is the key.

Our Team KNEEFIT is a 90 minute presentation held at The Bridge location.

It includes:

  • Video analysis of each team athlete to identify those at risk
  • 30-minute lecture to learn “what is an ACL injury”
  • 6o minute training instruction of the KNEEFIT exercise program with the team on the turf
  • Coaches and trainers receive the KNEEFIT exercise booklet and coaching cards
  • 6 week follow up to check at-risk players and progress the KNEEFIT exercises to the next level

If you would like more information or to book, a Team KNEEFIT, call us at 780.570.0225 or email: kneefit@sherwoodparkphysio.com


Team KNEEFIT Session: $299 (1 Team of 16-20 players plus coaches)


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