Concussion Return to Play


If you have a concussion or are wondering, call us at 780 464-5915 for an initial concussion screening assessment.  This appointment will be done at our clinic.  If warranted, a priority appointment will be made to see a Sport Medicine Physician at Health Pointe Medical Center within 7 days of the concussion.

Our Athletic therapists, Physiotherapists and Sport Medicine Doctors work together to move you safely through a “Return To Learn” program to minimize academic impairments and a sport specific “Return to Play” program to minimize risk of re-injury.   The return to play program is designed to safely and progressively prepare you for the fitness, skills, movements and strategies that are required for your sport.

Throughout your recovery, doctors and therapists communicate with each other to make the final return to play decision.

Funding Options

Physiotherapy is covered by several different programs.

NEW PATIENTS: Please download and complete BOTH forms prior to your first visit.

All Albertans are eligible for assessment and limited treatments of each body part each year.

Call us at 780 464-5915 for information about the Alberta Health Program.

Injured at work?  or Involved in a Car Accident?  We treat WCB and MVA claims.

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