Lightspeed Running & Rehabilitation

The Bridge is proud to introduce the first LightSpeed assisted run apparatus in Canada. This new technology removes up to 35lbs of weight from each stride and is specifically designed for runners by physiotherapists who are runners.

Using bungie cords and specially designed running shorts verse air pressure as in other products, the Lightspeed is able to offload runners with unencumbering techniques. This makes it an ideal, low-cost training aid for recovering from injury, increasing running volume or decreasing the impact of speed training on the body.

For more information regarding this new technology visit the LightSpeed Running & Rehab website: http://www.lightspeedrunningandrehabilitation.com/

For more information email runfit@sherwoodparkphysio.com or call +1 (780) 570-0225


Single run: $18

5 pack: $80

10 pack: $140

20 pack: $240

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