Post Injury Return

One of the strongest predictors of injury is previous injury. Research shows that injury causes the body to adopt poor movement patterns which left uncorrected make you more likely to be injured again.

This program is designed for athletes of all ages to ensure proper movement and to develop the strength, agility and control needed to make a full return and prevent re injury. Training is done with Senior level Physiotherapists or Kinesiologists on a variety of surfaces to mirror your sport demands as closely as possible.

Initial session: $110 includes Athlete assessment and Simi video movement analysis

Single session: $75

Package of 6 Sessions: $420

Sessions are covered as Physiotherapy through many Insurance Benefit Plans.

Athletes that have attended SPSP for rehab are not required to pay the initial session fee.

For more information contact call us:  780 464-5915 or email:  melissa@sherwoodparkphysio.com

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