Make strides in your performance.

Whether you’re looking to cut some time off a personal best or you have an injury that limits your performance, our RUNFIT team will provide you with the most appropriate action plan to make the greatest difference in your injury recovery, prevention or performance.

Starting with a comprehensive assessment to discuss your history and running goals, our experts will custom tailor an action plan to address strength or mobility deficiencies, training errors, poor biomechanics, or any other obstacles standing in your way.


Our RUNFIT assessment peels back the layers and identifies the major problems for a runner that could be contributing to performance limitations or future injuries.


This is more than your average gait assessment. We address strength deficits, mobility deficiencies, training errors, biomechanics, functional breakdowns, shoe selection,  and any other obstacles standing in your way.


Whether you’re a casual runner or you’re out to PR, an assessment is the perfect place to start. Our run experts will answer any and all of your questions and get you started in the right direction to get the most out of your running!


Custom tailored to each athlete and their specific goals, our run experts take care of the headache out of your training. These plans are tailored specifically for you, designed to help you reach your goals while staying healthy.


Our plans are individualized schedules designed by our running expert, James Greene, and have helped athletes conquer 5K races all the way to gruelling trail ultramarathons. We have the plans you need to start off right and finish strong—whatever your level, whatever your goal.



As proud sponsors of one of Canada’s most gruelling trail races, we’re excited to provide all Sinister athletes with run programs tailored to each leg of the race.


The program includes resistance training workouts with an easy-to-follow app and a scheduled run plan designed to prepare you for race day while preventing injury.


You can learn more about the race at http://www.sinister7.com/.



  • “After struggling with knee issues for over four years and failing to find a solution to my problem, James was exactly the help that I needed to finally work through my injury. The Runfit program focused on retraining my body and rebuilding important muscles needed to get me back to the sport that I love.”

    Carina Ludgate
  • “When I was first introduced  to James and the the runfit program a year ago, I had several overuse injuries and was struggling to complete a half marathon. After completing the program I'm happy to say I have just finished my first ultra, feeling strong and completely injury free.  James, being a runner himself is very knowledgeable and encouraging, I can't thank him enough.”

    Shelly Greschner
  • “The Runfit program has helped me to become a smarter runner.  I’ve struggled with injuries and been able to recover 100% after dedicated support and guidance on how to run stronger, smarter and more effectively.  The coaching aspect and therapy that has come with working with James has brought me to a new level in my running.”

    Kathryn Durell
  • "The whole experience of working with James has been great. I was battling various debilitating pains while running and with an ultra marathon race coming, I needed to find a solution. He started suggesting various stretches and strengthening exercises, and he made changes to my run training plan. Each time I returned, he would ask how things went, took detailed notes, and then he would alter the program to incorporate the new information. I’m very happy to say that I just ran the scheduled 50k Trail Ultra and the debilitating pain didn’t come back through the entire race. I will continue to work with James to improve my strength and mobility so that I can continue to run further, faster, and without pain."

    Frank McIsaac



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