1 ON 1 / Small Group

Our Advanced Sports Training – SPORTFIT program helps athletes of all ages develop efficient movement patterns for their sport and increase strength, power, speed, and agility.  Our SPORTFIT Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists and Strength and Conditioning Specialists specialize in analyzing movement breakdowns and sports demands to create individualized training sessions to develop more efficient strategies.  Through this program, we have helped a wide range of professional, amateur, international, national and provincial level athletes maximize their sports performance.

Utilizing our turf track, Rogue weightlifting rack, FitLights, resistance sled, speed bag and much more, we are able to provide training that meets athletes’ needs and is reproducible on the field, court or ice.

SPORTFIT sessions are 60 mins in duration with both an individual and small group training option.  Small group training consists of 2-4 athletes with similar age and sports goals (teammates or close siblings recommended).

If you have 5 or more individuals looking for SPORTFIT training, please see our Team Training page.


Initial Assessment: $130

Follow-Up Training: $80 per session

Small Group (2-4 athletes): $140 per session


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