Speed / Agility / Quickness

Our SAQ program provides athletes with the tools to become faster and more agile by building power and rectifying poor movement patterns. Systematically breaking down an athlete’s linear and multi-directional movement patterns allows us to identify dysfunction and create a solid strength and technique foundation to build from. Teaching and training efficient, safe movement mechanics translates into a reduced injury risk and increased performance in dynamic, sport-specific movement skills.

Individual training:

First session: $110 includes Athlete assessment and Simi video movement analysis
Follow up training sessions: $75
Package of 6: $420

Small group training available:

2-4 athletes: $120 per session – cost is shared by participants

More than 5 athletes? See our Team Training option

Sessions are covered as Physiotherapy or Athletic Therapy through many Insurance Benefit Plans

THE BRIDGE our new 7,000 sq ft sister facility features full physiotherapy and sports therapy treatment services along side state of the art movement analysis and training.

From injury prevention to rehabilitation to training athletes safely to return to sport, THE BRIDGE provides comprehensive treatment and training for athletes of all ages.


  • Large Indoor turf area
  • 30m Sprint track
  • ROGUE strength equipment and TRX suspension training
  • Simi movement analysis software
  • Large Conference area for seminars
  • Physiotherapy, Sports therapy, Pilates and Yoga for all injuries and post surgery

For more information contact call us: 780 464-5915 or email: melissa@sherwoodparkphysio.com or scottg@sherwoodparkphysio.com

Program Information

COST (Per hour)


5 PACK: $80 ($16 per run)

10 PACK: $140 ($14 per run)

20 PACK: $240 ($12 per run)


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