Team Training

Through a personalized and sport specific approach we provide a program for efficient and effective sports performance training. The SPORTFIT Team Training program begins with a Video Analysis of a variety of movement skills specifically designed to replicate the demands of the team’s chosen sport. Players will also complete Baseline Performance Testing to help lay the groundwork for areas in which both individuals and the team can improve.  The metrics obtained from this assessment allow our SPORTFIT coaches to plan training sessions to help teams meet their goals and ensure improvement in their post-season follow up assessment.  Player data is provided to each individual while team averages are offered to the coaching staff after both the pre-season and post-season assessments.

Our SPORTFIT Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, Kinesiologists and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists always design individualized training sessions.  Based on the team’s assessment results and sports analysis, drills and exercises are carefully chosen to mimic the demands of the given sport.  By training specifically with the team and sport in mind, we can maximize the transfer of performance benefits from our sessions to your court, field or rink.

For teams, typically we recommend 10 training sessions per season. Depending on your team’s goals, schedule or budget, we’d love to help design a training program that will be realistic and effective for you.


60 min session: $170

90 min session: $250


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