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Running and jumping. Planting and pivoting. You rely on your knees for power, agility, strength, balance, and speed in nearly all sports. Unfortunately, knee injuries are extremely common among athletes at all levels. Damage to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is serious – and has the potential to be career ending.

Based on latest research, our KNEEFIT programs teach and train the techniques and exercises to help prevent injuries and improve performance.


Featuring one-on-one training for athletes of all ages and abilities, this 3 to 6 week program teaches ACL injury prevention exercises tailored to your sport of activity.


Team KNEEFIT is a 90-minute information and teaching session for teams of all levels & sports along with their coaching staff and trainers. Learn exercises to help prevent ACL knee injuries.


We teach coaches and trainers the KNEEFIT team warmup.  Exercises and movement techniques that help prevent knee injuries and improve player performance.
  • "Great place to get back to 100%. 4 days shy of 9 months post surgery for a ruptured Achilles and they gave me the "full release"! Thanks to Doug and Becca!!!! Cheers"

    Blair Kondro
  • "The Bridge has exceeded my expectations for contemporary rehabilitation. The clinic operates in an open environment, showcasing its large space and the variety of rehabilitative modalities. The versatility in clinical devices is a testament to the contemporary approach to rehabilitation. I would highly recommend this clinic to any individual looking for rehab."

    Paolo Panis
  • "In the late spring, I pulled a muscle in my back and stressed my sciatic nerve which also caused me some issues with my calves.  I have been working with Melissa and graduated to Becca who has been drilling me diligently to strengthen my core and lower back.  I cannot say enough about the program as it brought me along from treatment with Melissa to a workout routine that Becca created to improve my health and proper technique along with interacting and networking with other clients."

    Gene Hrabec

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