Athletic Therapy

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With James Greene, CAT(C)/CSCS and Jen Peters, CAT(C)

One on one treatment targeted at helping you gain mobility, strength and physical reconditioning to return back to sport or activity safely.

Athletic Therapy is an integrated sport medicine model approach that focuses on the prevention, conditioning, early identification/ intervention and progressive rehabilitation of musculoskeletal (muscle, bone, joint) injuries.

AT’s work closely with other medical professionals to help active individuals regain the mobility, strength and physical conditioning needed to return to sport or activity.

Athletic Therapy is covered under many Insurance Benefit Plans.

For more information: www.athletictherapy.org

Athletic Therapy is covered by several different programs.

Whatever your FINISH LINE Certified Athletic Therapists keep you doing what you love.

Certified Athletic Therapists are trained in concussion recognition, management, and safe return to play

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