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Feeling lost in your ACL rehab process? We’re here to help.
Get back to your sport stronger than ever with our individualized, sport-specific ACL rehab training.

21% of athletes will re-tear their ACL after the first surgery.

25% never return to their sport at the same level as before their injury.

Don’t take chances with your recovery.

ACL injuries have the potential to be career ending for athletes. If your current rehab has left you lacking confidence to go back to your sport, we’re glad you found us.
Every athlete deserves high quality, individualized care after an ACL injury; our online programming brings world class rehab and training programs directly to you, no matter where you live.
Gain 1-on-1 access to our therapists and coaches, individualized return-to-sport programming, and connect with a supportive community of likeminded athletes to share experiences and build community.


“Very knowledgeable team. They brought my son back from a complete ACL repair to being able to run again. Lots of dedication to each client and their individual rehabilitation story. These Physiotherapists are the BEST.”
“They’re extremely knowledgeable, friendly and they know how to challenge you to ensure you’re properly recovering, they don’t rush anything, but take the time to listen to your pain tolerance, thoughts and ideas. At the end of the day, it’s up to yourself to work on your recovery and goals, I’m just happy I found an amazing group of professionals that have given me the tools to ensure I get there.”

Online Injury Rehab & Training

The KNEEFIT ACL rehab program at The Bridge has been developed through decades of clinical experience rehabbing serious knee injuries and continues to be informed by current research.


We have been leaders in ACL rehabilitation within our community for over 35 years, with the goal of reducing the alarmingly high rates of re-injury for athletes.
We want to expand our community by making top quality rehabilitation from ACL injuries accessible to any athlete, any where, at any time.

Individualized programs tailored to Your Needs

Every athlete is different and so is the rehab process after a major ligament injury. We avoid cookie cutter solutions and design completely individualized training programs specific to the demands of your injury, your rehab, and your sport or activity.
We also continue to touch base with patients often to either progress or change programming based on how your body is responding.

Join our Community

ACL rehab isn’t just physically taxing, it can be isolating as well. This is why we are building a group of likeminded athletes that are all going through the same gruelling process of returning to sport after an ACL injury. Build your rehab community, share your successes & setbacks, and connect with people who get it.

Did you know…

  • Pivoting sport athletes who pass specific criteria prior to return to sport have 4–6 times lower risk for re-injury
  • Athletes who pass Return to Sport testing have a 84% lower re-injury rate. Athletes who failed any of the return to sport criteria were more likely to sustain a new knee injury.
  • With every 1% increase in quads strength, risk for re-injury decreases by 3%


“Megan, who has personal experience with both ACL tears and high level basketball, was amazing to work with. Her ability to incorporate sport-specific drills with ACL rehab in a challenging and enjoyable way made rehab much easier for me.

Common Questions

How long will it take before I’m back to my sport?

Like most recoveries, it will vary based on your injury and goals for your recovery. A general timeline would see about 9-12 months post-surgery before returning to sport, but this estimate can and will shift based on the individual nature of your injury, objective & subjective testing, your return-to-sport goals, and many other factors.

How do strength coaches factor into my rehab plan?

We set out to bridge the gap between rehab and performance by taking our patients through a full continuum of care. Once we’ve been able to restore range of motion and strength back to the muscles around your knee, many of our patients move on to work with our strength coaches to build the long term resilience and strength necessary to avoid re-injury.

Do I need to have had surgery to sign up?

No, absolutely not. There is a growing body of evidence that strength-based rehab for ACL tears is a very effective option for athletes of many levels. Our training programs implement the same principles of building strength and resilience for both surgical and non-surgical athletes.

Do I have to be an athlete to participate?

No! We have a special love for our athletic population, but anybody dealing with the long and complicated rehab process after an ACL tear is a good candidate for our remote programming. As all of our programming is highly tailored to each individual, we love to work with all active people.

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