Refine your movement for performance in life and sport.



Being mobile is a critical part of the equation for any athlete. Mobility allows athletes to become more powerful and to perform their athletic movements efficiently and safely.


Our therapists will determine areas of strength and weakness in your mobility to ensure you’re moving the way your activity demands.


Strength training is crucial for athletes of all ages and abilities  as it develops the strength, endurance, and stability of the muscles and joints to efficiently perform at their highest level.


Our team can help safely and effectively develop strength to reduce injury risk, develop motor skills, coordination and mechanics to excel in your sport.


The best approach to injury management is proactive, not reactive and poor movement mechanics lead to a higher risk for injury.


Safely reduce your injury risk with our experts by refining movement patterns to keep your body moving effectively, free of pain and on the sidelines for a lengthy period of time.

Give future you a reason to be thankful

Rugby Training

The ability of the human body to move effectively and efficiently is key to developing successful outcomes in all sports.

With COVID-19 impacting the training and competition season for athletes of all types, there’s never been a better time for you to re-evaluate your movement and optimize your body to make sure you’re giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

Our movement assessment peels back the layers and identifies the major problems that could contribute to performance limitations, functional breakdowns, or even future injuries.

Our team of expert therapists, strength coaches, and exercise specialists at The Bridge are uniquely equipped to optimize human movement to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury in athletes of all ages and abilities.


  • A comprehensive head-to-toe movement assessment
  • Analyze strength, mobility and motor control issues to determine factors the may be limiting your performance
  • Based off your assessment, our multidisciplinary team will create a personalized program with strength and mobility correctives tailored to your goals
  • Work with our full team of physiotherapy, massage, strength coaches and exercise specialists for a comprehensive team approach. 
  • Access to our state-of-the-art treatment facility
  • Evening, morning, and weekend availability


Sherwood Park

South Edmonton

What our patients are saying

  • "I want everyone to know that SPORTFIT has helped me develop as an athlete in so many ways.  It has taught me lessons that were vital to my career as an athlete because I was exposed to some of the most intelligent exercise specialists who took the time to truly learn and understand my sport.  They ensured that every minute detail was correctly approached. Being a part of this community has given me the tools necessary to make my weaknesses become my strengths and has given me a better understanding of how to train certain parts of my body in order to maximize my kinetic chain. This is ultimately what allowed me to compete at my fullest potential."

    Gabby Rains
  • "SportFit has become an important part of our overall training. It has enabled our soccer players to enhance their individual physical speed, agility and strength. The staff we have worked with is extremely knowledgeable and professional. They tailored our program to meet our team needs while continuously challenging our players to excel. We would highly recommend SportFit to anyone looking for a team focused, sport specific complimentary training option. - Tim & Mellissa Willisko, Coaches Sherwood Park Phoenix '03 Girls"

    Tim & Mellissa Willisko

Our movement assessments are conducted by registered physiotherapists and can be billed under private physiotherapy benefits, including the follow-up sessions with our team of professionals.

Email us at or call us at our South Edmonton (780-988-9668) or Sherwood Park (780-570-0225) locations for information about booking with our team.