• PreSeason Prep

    Athlete Development

    SPORTFIT builds better athletes by improving movement quality. Our programs are different teaching safe, efficient movement patterns to prevent injuries and improve results.

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    Injury Prevention

    Faulty movement patterns lead to injury and poor sports performance. Avoid being sidelined by injury. Take a proactive approach to prevention.

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    Return to Sport

    If you have completed therapy but are not quite ready to return to sport these programs will help you bridge the gap.


Our signature service is Movement Testing and Training.  Our trainers are phys­i­cal ther­a­pists, athletic trainers and kinesiologists, the same professionals who treated your injury. Train with the experts who understand your body, your recovery and your return to sport.

  • Concussion Test - Rtn to Play

    Concussion Testing

    Testing brain function before concussion gives us measures to determine if you have a concussion and plan a safe return to sport.

  • Philadelphia, PA, United States, November 9, 2019: 

Young female student athletes participate in a soccer match as part of the annual PC/GA Day sports event.

The boys and girls soccer matches are part of an annual long standing inter-scholar sports competition between William Penn Charter School and Germantown Academy. 

Part of the PC/GA Day is the annual football match that is described to be the "oldest uninterrupted schoolboy football rivalry in the United States".

The races and matches of nine sports of the 127th edition of the PC/GA day are held on the campus of William Penn Charter School in the Northwest section of Philadelphia, PA, USA on November 9, 2013.


    A program designed to prepare athletes to return to sports following ACL injury or surgery.

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    FitLight Reaction Training

    The new age of reaction training! A unique wireless system of lights as targets to train speed, agility and coordination in sport specific situations.

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    A Personalized evaluation of your form will help you run further, faster, injury free.

  • KneeFit

    KNEEFIT: ACL Injury Prevention Program

    Knee injuries can be prevented. We screen athletes for risk of injury and teach and train exercises which build the strength and control to reduce stress on the ACL.

  • On field sports training exercise

    Team Training

    Sport specific training for all sports which includes fitness and drills emphasizing SAFE movement patterns to improve performance and prevent injury.

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With physiotherapy, sport therapy and chiropractic care,  our team of therapists, trainers and medical specialists work together with you to help achieve your goals.

  • Physiotherapy

    Rehabilitate your injury and learn how to prevent future injuries.

  • Massage

    Aids in relaxation and is important in treating injuries and preparing and recovering from surgery.

  • Athletic Therapy

    The Prevention, conditioning, early identification/intervention and progressive rehabilitation.

  • Chiropractic

    Our chiropractic care is focused on finding the root of the problem.

  • Acupuncture

    An alternative way to control pain and enhance the healing of injuries.

  • Dry Needling / IMS

    Dry Needling can relieve pain caused by trigger points and tight muscle bands and knots.

  • Brace Fitting

    See us for on–site fitting of a variety of stock and custom made braces.

  • Physician

    Have your injury evaluated by our sports medicine specialist and get started on rehabilitation as quickly as possible.

Latest News

  • Youth Weightlifting - How young is too young?

    A 6 week in clinic program for youth aged 11-17 yrs. with emphasis on learning proper technique of all basic fundamental movement patterns including squatting, deadlifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying.

  • Strength Training for Runners

    The conclusion drawn was that the physiological markers that traditionally impact runners (VO2max, anaerobic/Lactic threshold) were unaffected which is interesting as these factors were always thought to be diminished with increased Resistance Training.

  • Want a better Golf Swing?

    Did you know that the golf swing is one of the most complex movements in sports? To generate a proficient swing requires the body to be flexible in some areas while stable and strong in others.


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