Return to Sport

Returning to sport after injury, surgery or illness can be tough but with the right help you can back on top of your game with the strength and skills you need to perform. Our team of therapists and trainers work closely with you to transition you from physiotherapy to training to playing your sport. If you have completed therapy but are not quite ready to return to your team, this program will help you bridge the gap.

Our programs begin with a 1 on 1 sport consult and Simi video movement analysis to ensure you have good form and technique. Your unique training program will be designed to focus on the strength and skills you need for particular demands of your sport.

  • New at The Bridge! LightSpeed Running & Rehabilitation

    This new technology removes up to 35lbs of weight from each stride and is specifically designed for runners by physiotherapists who are runners.


    We train athletes after all injuries to ensure to prepare for the demands of return to full sport and activity.


    Our protocol program is designed to safely progress athletes and active people from concussion back to sport or activity.

  • Return to Throw

    A program designed to prepare athletes to return to overhead throwing sports.


    A program designed to prepare athletes to return to sports following ACL injury or surgery.