Our training programs are designed to help athletes of all ages and abilities develop more efficient movement patterns whether they are recovering from injury or want to improve performance. Our trainers are physiotherapists, kinesiologists and athletic therapists.

As body and movement specialists, we analyze each athlete to identify movement breakdowns, determine areas of potential injury, address strength imbalances, improve mobility and then create programs customized to the injury and individual.


Take the guess work out of reurning to activity or your sport.


A custom made program to prevent or recover from an ACL injury.


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Comprehensive individualized run programming, no matter your goals.


Lift safer, stronger, and more powerfully with our strength experts.


Rugby Training

Sport-specific training tailored to the individual athlete, sport, and goals.


Lower your handicap by improving strength and mobility on course.

Our training programs are based on your individual needs and can be sport-specific.

Still Injured? Try our Rehab Training, we can help you return to sport, activity or work with confidence.

Call us at 780.570.0225 or visit us at our Sherwood Park or South Edmonton location for information about Funding Options and Packages.


  • "Great place to get back to 100%. 4 days shy of 9 months post surgery for a ruptured Achilles and they gave me the "full release"! Thanks to Doug and Becca!!!! Cheers"

    Blair Kondro
  • "The Bridge has exceeded my expectations for contemporary rehabilitation. The clinic operates in an open environment, showcasing its large space and the variety of rehabilitative modalities. The versatility in clinical devices is a testament to the contemporary approach to rehabilitation. I would highly recommend this clinic to any individual looking for rehab."

    Paolo Panis
  • "In the late spring, I pulled a muscle in my back and stressed my sciatic nerve which also caused me some issues with my calves.  I have been working with Melissa and graduated to Becca who has been drilling me diligently to strengthen my core and lower back.  I cannot say enough about the program as it brought me along from treatment with Melissa to a workout routine that Becca created to improve my health and proper technique along with interacting and networking with other clients."

    Gene Hrabec
  • The physiotherapist I'm seeing has been able to identify issues that other doctors and specialists haven't been able to in over two years of appointments, and I've only seen her twice! Just like any other physio it's not their job to fix you, it's their job to give you the tools to fix yourself, and I'm finding they're doing amazing at it.

    S M (Google Review)
  • Coming to The Bridge has been and still is an awesome experience. What I've noticed about this place that stands out is simple. From the receptionists the therapists to the assistants. These people are a team. With one thing in their collective minds. Let's make these people better... Really I could go on for hours about this place how good it is. I would like to say with all I've witnessed here: if you or anyone you know is in need of physical fitness programs or physiotherapy. This is the place to be.

    Wes Cole
  • I came here due to a whiplash injury from a car accident. I worked with Darren to treat my injuries and I could not believe the fast progress I made not only in decreasing my whiplash pain, but back pain in general. Darren was very supportive and knowledgeable during my recovery. I also worked with James for a RunFit assessment which has proven time and again to be helpful in avoiding injuries during my runs. The facility is clean and welcoming. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.

    Kristen Sanregret
  • I have used athletic massage therapy in many locations and none have produced the same level of positive results as The Bridge. Therapist, Shelley, over a few sessions performed varied techniques that reduced hip joint and muscle tightness. I've had tight flexors for years and now I have increased my mobility in sports I play. well done.

    Kevin McKinley
  • I can happily say my back is better! I expanded my team to include Haley for massages and Melissa (south location) for chiropractic work. These three wonderful women have helped me regain control of my life and grow past my injury. I actively train in Martial Arts and am constantly beating up my body. They have been helping me put it back together and prevent future injuries. I'm very grateful for them.

    Stephanie LaRone