Work with our team of performance professionals to take your game to the next level.


Personal training

Our performance sessions are designed by kinesiologists and strength coaches at The Bridge to create an individualized program targeting any areas of weakness or deficit to optimize your movement, reduce your risk of injury and realize your highest level of performance.

Group Classes

We offer a variety of different group exercise classes in our clinics, ranging from osteoarthritis management to strength training classes for our runners. The availability of these classes depends on the time of year, so it is best to check out what we are currently offering on our online booking website!

Exercise therapy

Exercise Therapy is a unique program offered to take the guesswork out of returning to activity or fixing the underlying movement patterns that initially caused your injury. We identify and correct movement dysfunction and help patients develop the strength and mobility needed to ensure a successful return to activity.

RUNFIT Run Training

Whether you’re looking to cut some time off a personal best or you’re dealing with an injury that limits your performance, our RUNFIT team will provide you with the most appropriate action plan to make the greatest difference in your injury recovery, prevention or performance.

GOLFFIT Golf Training

Posture, mobility, strength, balance, and coordination are key factors in golf performance. Using techniques from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), our GOLFFIT program offers athletes the most comprehensive exercise and fitness programs available for golfers of every level.

VALD Performance Testing

With VALD Technology, we are able to review max and average strength, compare strength ratios and see asymmetries in real-time with biofeedback. Testing provides us with gold-standard return to play/activity metrics for performance athletics.

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