Cailin WillisAthletic Therapist


I graduated from the University of Regina with my Bachelors of Kinesiology in 2018 and my Bachelors of Athletic and Exercise Therapy from Camosun in Victoria, BC in 2023. I moved to Lethbridge and started my career as a Certified Athletic Therapist!

While I was working towards my AT degree, I had some incredible opportunities to work with high performance teams including Rugby Canada and the BC Lions. These provided me the chance to experience working with high-level athletes and learn a lot about the entire process of athlete development from rehabilitation programming, to strength & conditioning, to improving performance on the field. Working with athletes is one of my greatest passions.

I aim to work with individuals who strive to both move and perform better. I want to help others reach their goals, regardless of what they do! I love to work with athletes from all sports and all levels, especially youth wanting to get stronger, faster, & prevent future injury from occurring.


  • Athletic Therapy
  • Strength & Conditioning




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