Dr. Leah SartisonChiropractor


Leah is now treating full time at Movement First Chiro. If you are a patient looking to continue care with The Bridge, Dr. Jillian McKinnon is providing coverage for her and is available for immediate booking at Millennium Place.

Before joining The Bridge, I had quite the journey bringing me to the chiropractic realm. My involvement with sports and movement first started out by playing ACAC Soccer with Concordia University in Edmonton, where I played for three years before completing my Bachelors of Physical Education at the University of Alberta in 2011. My work as a personal trainer at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park ignited my love for human movement and optimizing function, leading to a three-year journey at the University of Western States, where I completed my Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters in Science of Sports Medicine.

Since graduating, I have worked with numerous athletes from a wide variety of ages and experiences, one of my most memorable being my time with the BCHL’s Vernon Vipers.

Throughout my career, I’ve found myself most fascinated with faults of the feet and developmental kinesiology and have also established Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization as a pillar of my practice, as I believe it to be important to observe the human body as a whole. This means assessing functional movement patterns while also taking into consideration nervous, muscular, lymphatic, skeletal, vascular systems and of course, mental or emotional states.

On my days off, I’m at my happiest when I’m biking, climbing, running, snowboarding and mountaineering the beautiful Canadian Rockies.


● Doctor of Chiropractic
● Masters of Sports Medicine
● Active Release Therapy
● Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation


● All things running, biking, climbing, mountain adventuring
● Soccer
● Snowboarding/Skiing
● Weightlifting


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