As a new physiotherapist, ACL knee injuries can be intimidating to treat. Making the right diagnosis, determining when medical imaging and consults are needed, ensuring that your patient is progressing appropriately and identifying red flags when your patient is not, are all things that make managing ACL knee injuries and post surgical treatment complicated.
Date: June 8, 2024
Time: 8 AM – 4 PM
Location: The Bridge – South Edmonton
Cost: $500 + GST

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The purpose of this one day course is to improve your confidence in both assessing and treating patients with ACL knee injuries and surgeries. Learn practical knee assessment skills as well as our KNEEFIT, criterion based ACL protocol with step by step guidelines for you to use managing both surgical and non surgical ACL injuries, from initial injury to return to full activity and sport.

Morning Session:

Participants will learn hands on practical assessment techniques and decision making processes for clinically evaluating ACLs and knee injuries of all kindsā .

Afternoon Session:

Participants will learn our KNEEFIT ACLR criterion based rehabilitation program with evidence based exercise selection and outcome measures for each stage of recovery. Get your patients back to activity confidently using evidence based testing and criteria for ACLR return to sport discharge.

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